Welcome To Manifestation Therapy

The #1 blog & authoritative information resource about the Law Of Attraction and Manifestation. My name is Uday Verma & I’m the owner & founder of ManifestationTherapy.com

The story of Manifestation Therapy

I’ve been using the Law of Attraction since before I even knew it had a name. I always could manifest what I wanted – good grades, trips, money, love, pets recovering from an illness – from the smallest, silliest thing created just to see if I could…to my biggest goals and dreams. I’ve done it all.

But at past times, I also struggled with the Law Of Attraction. I visualized my goals for years, read books, attended seminars and watched thousands of youtube videos in the hope to achieve financial success but not get any results. 

2012 was one of the most difficult times of my life. It just seemed like I could never get away from the struggles I was having.

Luckily, in 2013 things started to turn around for me. A lot of my struggles came from the way I was thinking and because of that, I felt out of control and unfortunate, like nothing the universe threw at me was positive or in my favor.

😔 A close friend of mine discovered a unique way of “How To Change Your Mind” and shared it with me. I have to say this was life-changing for me. And in 2014 things started to turn around thanks to this method she showed me.

✅My health increased, looking and feeling better.
✅My relationship blossomed.
✅My career took off, finally doing what I love.
✅My bank account wasn’t looking like I just graduated high school any more lol.

My goal

I want to ensure that everyone who is suffering in their life will be able to manifest the life of their dreams. My aim is to serve as many people as I can because everyone deserves to have their dreams come true.

That’s why on this blog, I share my Law Of Attraction secrets on how to apply it in your life fast to achieve your goals. And I saw numerous people surprised as they manifested the very things they needed.

This leads me to where I’m today. I built this blog to share what I know about the Law of Attraction and Manifestation, share my practices and success stories, share what I continue to learn and to help you learn about the Law of Attraction too.

I hope you enjoy the knowledge you get here and able to apply the Law Of Attraction in your life. as much as I enjoy creating it.

All the best.